Want to be a BGR Team Leader?

BGR Team Leader Description: 

The Team Leader position is an entry-level, volunteer leadership role that supports the mission and vision of Boiler Gold Rush (BGR) and Boiler Gold Rush International (BGRi), Orientation Programs, the Student Success Programs department, and Purdue University. Team Leaders work to create an inclusive environment that enhances the growth and development of new students. Our mission in Orientation is to introduce and connect all new undergraduate students to Purdue University through student and staff led academic and social programming, both on campus and virtual, in order to prepare them for their Purdue experience.

All Team Leaders are responsible for actively participating in Team Leader trainings, events, and programs throughout the academic year as well as providing support to new students during the week of Boiler Gold Rush and Boiler Gold Rush International.

BGR Team Leader Requirements:

·       You must be an undergraduate student at Purdue with at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA that you maintain throughout the experience.

·       You must be enrolled as a full-time student during the Spring semester.

If you are selected for the Team Leader position, you will be required to:

·       Attend the Team Leader Retreat in April 2022

·       Return to campus for and actively participate in Boiler Gold Rush 2022 (specific return dates will be shared at a later date)

·       Participate in monthly Team Leader Trainings, beginning in April 2022

·       Mentor a group of New Students

Students can apply by following this link!

If your students have any questions, we will be hosting three different callouts.

Callout #1: Thursday, January 20 @ 6:00pm (ET) in Lily 1105

Callout #2: Wednesday, January 26 @ 6:00pm (ET) in CL50 224

Callout #3: Thursday, February 10 @ 6:00pm (ET) in WTHR 200

Please note that these callouts are not required to be a Team Leader. If you are unable to attend, please email bgrsoc@purdue.edu with any questions and their staff will get them answered.