SEP (Seymour Engine Plant) Co-Op Rotational Program

Cummins is looking for a 5 rotation co-op student starting in Fall 2022.  Students can apply for the opportunity in the Office of Professional Practices database.

The SEP Co-Op position is within the Manufacturing function, and is a part of a 5-rotation program.  It is called the SEP (Seymour Engine Plant) Program, and it is designed to help students gain knowledge and experience in different areas of the Supply Chain/Manufacturing process.  The first session will be starting in the fall of 2022, so we are looking for individuals who are available to work on-site, at our plant in Seymour, Indiana.  After the first session will come 3 more sessions in Seymour, followed by the last session in which location is TBD.

*Please note that this rotational program is looking for someone who can fully commit to all of the 5 rotations taking place:

  • 1st rotation: Summer 2022 (Operations)
  • 2nd rotation: Spring 2023 (Quality)
  • 3rd rotation: Fall 2023 (HR, Finance, Materials & Safety)
  • 4th rotation: Summer 2024 (Manufacturing Engineering)
  • 5th rotation: Spring 2025 (Power Systems Business Unit rotation)

This individual will:

  • Contribute to the planning, designing, purchasing, and implementation of changes to the manufacturing equipment and systems while contributing to teams.
  • Assist with the work for specific projects to create and implement all aspects of a manufacturing processes to ensure safety requirements, manufacturing goals, business goals, and product specifications are met.
  • Contribute by applying the knowledge or use of manufacturing principles and practices to improve manufacturing equipment and processes.
  • Assist with the development of manufacturing standards and working methods by using continuous improvement tools.
  • Work with internal and external resources on specific project assignments.
  • Learn the knowledge of manufacturing principles and practices as they are applied to Cummins.