Spring 2023 UTA Positions Available!

Please consider being a UTA (undergrad teaching assistant) for any course in which you have done well. UTA positions are available for a majority of the ECE courses students take as undergraduate. For many students a big reason for doing this is for the sake of the resume and/or graduate school applications. If a professor gets to know you through your UTA work, he or she can write a stronger and more detailed recommendation than would be otherwise possible.

You may also indicate interest in an ECE shop (EE162) student position on this survey. The pay rate is the same.

Applications will be considered until all positions are filled, but earlier applications will receive more consideration.

The pay rate for incoming UTAs is $12/hour. If this will be your second time as a UTA, $13/hr, third time or more $15/hr.

Please sign into the link here to submit your application: https://engineering.purdue.edu/ECEIL/Lab_Employment/

Thank you all for your time,

Ben Manning