ECE 49595 Software Engineering Tools

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there to start developing good software? Would you like to gain practical skills for a software development job? If you answered “Yes” to either of these, the below 1 credit ECE course might be right for you!

Apply to take the “ECE 49595: Software Engineering Tools” in Fall 2022. A Junior level course to learn marketable, practical, and essential skills for software developers in areas like Object Oriented Programming, Cloud Technologies and Software Engineering Testing and concepts. 

Course Website for Fall 2022:

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SEP (Seymour Engine Plant) Co-Op Rotational Program

Cummins is looking for a 5 rotation co-op student starting in Fall 2022.  Students can apply for the opportunity in the Office of Professional Practices database.

The SEP Co-Op position is within the Manufacturing function, and is a part of a 5-rotation program.  It is called the SEP (Seymour Engine Plant) Program, and it is designed to help students gain knowledge and experience in different areas of the Supply Chain/Manufacturing process.  The first session will be starting in the fall of 2022, so we are looking for individuals who are available to work on-site, at our plant in Seymour, Indiana.  After the first session will come 3 more sessions in Seymour, followed by the last session in which location is TBD.

*Please note that this rotational program is looking for someone who can fully commit to all of the 5 rotations taking place:

  • 1st rotation: Summer 2022 (Operations)
  • 2nd rotation: Spring 2023 (Quality)
  • 3rd rotation: Fall 2023 (HR, Finance, Materials & Safety)
  • 4th rotation: Summer 2024 (Manufacturing Engineering)
  • 5th rotation: Spring 2025 (Power Systems Business Unit rotation)

This individual will:

  • Contribute to the planning, designing, purchasing, and implementation of changes to the manufacturing equipment and systems while contributing to teams.
  • Assist with the work for specific projects to create and implement all aspects of a manufacturing processes to ensure safety requirements, manufacturing goals, business goals, and product specifications are met.
  • Contribute by applying the knowledge or use of manufacturing principles and practices to improve manufacturing equipment and processes.
  • Assist with the development of manufacturing standards and working methods by using continuous improvement tools.
  • Work with internal and external resources on specific project assignments.
  • Learn the knowledge of manufacturing principles and practices as they are applied to Cummins.