Boston Scientific Co-op Opportunity

Jon Gaide is the lead for Boston Scientific’s Purdue recruiting efforts for their Spencer site. He recently received a specific request from their co-op program coordinators: a Spanish-speaking Electrical Engineering student available for a Fall co-op term in our Equipment Engineering group.

Interested students please email Jonathan Gaide ( directly with your resume.

Research Position Available

Rahimi Lab has two research positions open for undergraduate students over Summer 2022. One research area is wireless sensor design and implementation for wearable healthcare and biomedical applications. The second research area is drone-assisted measurements of wireless soil sensors for precision agriculture applications.  The positions are open for students in ECE/BME/MSE with a background in PCB designArduino programming, and/or Antenna design and measurements. The students will receive training and assistance on software, such as Altium and Arduino, and characterization equipment, such as a vector network analyzer. With guidance, the students will also perform antenna measurements in an anechoic chamber facility as well as in agricultural fields.  

Motivated students with prior experience in these areas are preferred. If interested, please email Prof. Rahim Rahimi ( with a brief explanation of your background and prior experience and an attached resume. 

Citadel Spring 2022 Coding Competition

Citadel and Correlation One are inviting you to compete in Midwest Terminal live! This is a great learning opportunity for those who are interested in coding or engineering and want a chance to showcase their skills in a team-based setting.

Terminal is a one of a kind games-based AI challenge, where players code strategies to automate gameplay, battling team vs team for prize money and job opportunities. For more information,  check out this brief clip to see Terminal in action!

Taking place from April 4th to 11th, terminal is a week long remote event with a flexible schedule for students to work at their own pace. The event is open to all the current undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students! Top performing students have the opportunity to win USD$15,000 in cash prizes and exclusive recruiting opportunities with Citadel. 

Sign Up for Terminal!

Admissions are made on a rolling basis, so I encourage you to complete your application now before we reach full capacity. The last day to sign up has been extended to April 1st at 4:59 PM EST.

Feel free to email if you have any questions.